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The Irish Connection

The Irish Connection streaming
A female British agent Aureille is sent to Ireland to investigate the robbery of Bearer Bonds by Rory Baker. Betrayed and set up by a Priest, the agent goes Rogue in Malta, dodging the Baker's ruthless hit men and worse, her own boss Miranda.
Année: 2022

The Engagement Back-Up

The Engagement Back-Up streaming
When traditionalist historian Luna is entrusted with the legacy of her late father’s nautical museum, she must pretend that she’s engaged to the infamous son of a tech mogul in order to save it. But in discovering that there’s more to Jackson than meets the eye, can she broaden her romantic
Année: 2022
Realisateurs: Nicholas Humphries


Shriekshow streaming
Four friends travel to a supposedly haunted abandoned circus on Halloween to party and encounter a ringmaster setting up a sideshow exhibit who proceeds to tell them three terrifying tales.
Année: 2022
Categories: Horror / Film streaming
Realisateurs: Brad Twigg

She Will

She Will streaming
Après avoir subie une double mastectomie, Veronica Ghent part passer sa convalescence dans la campagne écossaise avec sa jeune infirmière, Desi. Elle découvre que le processus d'une telle intervention chirurgicale soulève des questions sur son existence même, ce qui l'amène à s'interroger sur ses
Année: 2022

Mr. Malcolm's List

Mr. Malcolm's List streaming
1818. Monsieur Malcolm est le célibataire le plus convoité de Londres. Il a une liste sur laquelle il a inscrit tous les critères que son épouse idéale doit remplir. Après avoir échoué en ne convenant pas sur un point, Julia enrôle son amie, Selina, afin de la venger.
Année: 2022
Realisateurs: Emma Holly Jones

Love Accidentally

Love Accidentally streaming
Alexa and Jason are competing for a position at an advertising firm when their partners break up with them. Alexa mistakenly texts Jason, and they start a phone-only relationship. When they meet and the truth comes out, will true love prevail?
Année: 2022
Categories: Comedy / Romance / Film streaming
Realisateurs: Peter Sullivan

Lies My Sister Told Me

Lies My Sister Told Me streaming
A woman escapes from a mental hospital, intent on getting back the life she thinks was stolen from her by her twin sister. Instead, she walks into her worst nightmare.
Année: 2022
Categories: Drama / Film streaming
Realisateurs: Dylan Vox

Mlungu Wam

Mlungu Wam streaming
In post-apartheid South Africa, Tsidi, a single mother, is forced to move in with her own estranged mother Mavis, a live-in domestic worker caring obsessively for her catatonic white ‘Madam’. And as Tsidi tries to heal her family, a sinister spectre begins to stir.
Année: 2021
Categories: Drama / Horror / Film streaming
Realisateurs: Jenna Cato Bass

God's Waiting Room

God's Waiting Room streaming
In the thick heat of central Florida, Rosie, a musician fresh out of high school, can’t shake her boredom. Before long, she meets Jules, a hustler from New York. She falls hard for his streetwise charms and his easy confidence. On the other side of town, Brandon returns home after a decade in
Année: 2021
Categories: Drama / Film streaming
Realisateurs: Tyler Riggs

Gateway 2022

Gateway streaming
A gang of desperate criminals seek refuge in what appears to be a perfectly ordinary house but discover it houses something much more sinister, and much more otherworldly, than they'd initially thought...
Année: 2021
Categories: Horror / Crime / Film streaming
Realisateurs: Niall Owens


Followers streaming
A struggling social media influencer discovers the house he shares is haunted. The ghost brings him and his friends fame and fortune, but with deadly consequences.
Année: 2022
Categories: Comedy / Horror / Film streaming

Diary of a Spy

Diary of a Spy streaming
Anna is a washed-up intelligence officer whose last mission left 7 people dead. Drunk, broke, and alone she is given the chance for one last mission: to seduce and recruit a valuable asset connected to the Saudi Royal Family. As she gets closer and closer to her target, Anna finds she is in over
Année: 2022
Realisateurs: Adam Christian Clark

Death Count

Death Count streaming
Strangers awaken in individual holding cells with no memory of how they arrived. They realize if they don't acquire enough online "likes" in a timely manner, they'll die horribly at the hands of a sinister executioner.
Année: 2022
Categories: Horror / Film streaming
Realisateurs: Michael Su

Campfire Christmas

Campfire Christmas streaming
Romance rekindles for Peyton and her closest friends when her parents decide to host a holiday themed reunion before selling their family owned summer camp.
Année: 2022
Realisateurs: David I. Strasser

The Undeclared War saison 1

The Undeclared War saison 1 streaming
En 2024, sur fond d'élections britanniques impliquant le premier Premier ministre conservateur noir du Royaume-Uni. Une équipe d'analystes au cœur du GCHQ, l'agence d'espionnage britannique de type NSA, tentent de parer à une cyber-attaque contre le système électoral du pays.
Année: 2022

The Undeclared War

The Undeclared War streaming
En 2024, sur fond d'élections britanniques impliquant le premier Premier ministre conservateur noir du Royaume-Uni. Une équipe d'analystes au cœur du GCHQ, l'agence d'espionnage britannique de type NSA, tentent de parer à une cyber-attaque contre le système électoral du pays.
Année: 2022

Mad God

Mad God streaming
Mad God est un film expérimental en stop-motion qui se déroule dans un monde Miltonesque de monstres, de scientifiques fous et de cochons de guerre. Conçu et réalisé par le légendaire artisan des effets visuels et de la stop-motion Phil Tippett, tous les décors, créatures et environnements de Mad
Année: 2022
Realisateurs: Phil Tippett

Mommy's Little Star

Mommy's Little Star streaming
Still reeling from her mom's divorce, a 12-year-old discovers an app that helps her become a social media star. However, she soon learns that her mother's new boyfriend has more on his mind than just managing her career.
Année: 2022
Realisateurs: Curtis Crawford

No Looking Back

Оторви и выбрось streaming
After four years in prison, Olya decides to start over. And first of all she wants to get her ten-year-old daughter back. However, the overbearing grandma isn't letting her grandchild go without a fight. The family conflict quickly gets out of control and turns into a wild chase. And it definitely
Année: 2022
Realisateurs: Kirill Sokolov

Torn Hearts

Torn Hearts streaming
A promising up-and-coming country duo seek out the secluded mansion of their idol Harper Dutch a former country music star and Nashville royalty turned recluse. What starts out as a friendly visit devolves into a twisted series of horrors forcing the friends to confront the lengths they will go to
Année: 2022
Realisateurs: Brea Grant

After Blue (Paradis sale)

After Blue (Paradis sale) streaming
Dans un futur lointain, sur une planète sauvage, Roxy, une adolescente solitaire, délivre une criminelle ensevelie sous les sables. A peine libérée, cette dernière sème la mort. Tenues pour responsables, Roxy et sa mère Zora sont bannies de leur communauté et condamnées à traquer la meurtrière.
Année: 2022
Realisateurs: Bertrand Mandico

Agent Game

Agent Game streaming
Harris est un officier de la CIA qui s'occupe de la détention et du transfert de ressortissants étrangers. Lorsqu'un changement politique à Washington transforme ses alliés en ennemis, Harris devient le bouc émissaire du meurtre d'un détenu. Il doit alors échapper à l'équipe d'agents envoyés pour
Année: 2022
Realisateurs: Grant S. Johnson

Asking For It

Asking For It streaming
After small town waitress Joey is sexually assaulted after a date with her old friend Mike, she befriends mysterious stranger Regina. Regina introducers her to The Cherry Bombers, an all femme gang including Beatrice, Lily, Sal, Jett, Angie, and Fala. All suffering from past traumas, together they
Année: 2022
Realisateurs: Eamon O'Rourke


Clèves streaming
Clèves, une petite ville de montagne en Haute-Savoie. Solange, 15 ans, grandit auprès d’une mère dépressive et d’un père souvent absent. Entre ses copines et un voisin qui lui sert de nounou, elle se sent livrée à elle-même et rêve du grand amour. Sa découverte enthousiaste d’une sexualité qu’elle
Année: 2022
Realisateurs: Rodolphe Tissot
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